Nanotechnology and A.I.‑based remote diagnostics revolutionizing

The first-and-only FDA 510(k)-cleared, multi-parameter remote diagnostic platform evaluating 120 million+ data points per patient per day enabling continuous, simultaneous, and synchronous assessment of the heart, lungs, and upper vascular system.

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Medical-grade A.I.-based remote diagnostics from cloth-based nanotechnology

Nanowear is the new standard-bearer for A.I-based remote diagnostics utilizing it's proprietary cloth-based nanotechnology. Our nanosensors capture 15+ medical grade bio markers directly from the skin, enabling a closed loop digital system for specific machine-learning algorithms built on terabytes of unique human data.

Nanowear’s first of-its-kind platform enables a radical leap forward in telemedicine and empowering physician decision-making and improving outcomes without the need for physical visits. Consequently, Nanowear responds to market demand in multiple diagnostic and therapeutic applications in post-surgical recovery, virtual primary care, acute illness and procedure, chronic disease management, clinical research and military and industrial safety.


Physician empowerment, efficiency, and value-based outcomes with unparalleled patient experience and quality of life

Because of Covid-19, the old world of healthcare delivery and diagnosis where a physician would physically examine or touch a patient in-person via stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, ECG monitor, capnogram, etc., will be altered and potentially eliminated forever at all stages of the patient / physician care continuum.

Telehealth platforms and services help marginally; a video conference with a physician alone is not enough to diagnose illness, manage a virus or identify worsening chronic disease; a medical-grade, A.I.based remote diagnostic is now an unquestioned need in the new paradigm of healthcare delivery.

Beginning with Post-surgical recovery and virtual primary care, Nanowear delivers high-fidelity alert diagnostics and bridges the gap between cost reduction and patient care, ultimately protecting improving lives and optimizing practictioner decision-making.

“One of the challenges of machine learning is to be able to demonstrate the safety, understandability, and predictability of a learned model. Nanowear has shown how to address this challenge in a critical health care application.”

Peter Norvig, Research Director at Google.

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Awards and Recognition


Nanowear awarded Best Cardiovascular Digital Diagnostic at UCSF Digital Health Awards

The companies awarded were selected across 13 categories by an unmatched team of expert judges in the healthcare and VC industries, including Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures), Ursheet Parikh (Mayfield Fund), Blake Wu (NEA), Michael Roizen (Cleveland Clinic), Michael Blum, MD (UCSF), Michael Lesh, MD (UCSF) and Dan Burnett, MD (Theranova) among others. The winners were chosen from more than 500 companies.

Nanowear CEO named to the AdvaMed Accel Board of Directors

The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), is a trade association that leads the effort to advance medical technology in order to achieve healthier lives and healthier economies around the world. AdvaMed’s membership has reached over 400 members and more than 80 employees with a global presence in countries including Europe, India, China, Brazil, and Japan.


Nanowear receives Frost & Sullivan 2018 Visionary Innovation Leader Award

“Frost & Sullivan research shows that Nanowear’s innovative textile captures and transmits millions of skin-based signals to unlock advanced biometric insights in real time. The result offers providers a rich data stream with which to manage complex disease states; at the same, patients receive a comfortable and discreet means of tracking their health. An additional and unique selling point is Nanowear’s full-stack software development and analytics / alert algorithm that exceeds industry norms to provide advanced sensor modalities and raw data analysis ... Overall, Nanowear is a shining star in the medtech start-up arena.

— Frost & Sullivan: Visionary Innovation Leader Award for Remote Diagnostic Monitoring

Nanowear one of seven medtech companies selected for Google Launchpad Studio

Based in San Francisco, Launchpad Studio is a fully tailored product development acceleration program that matches top ML startups and experts from Silicon Valley with the best of Google - its people, network, and advanced technologies - to help accelerate applied ML and AI innovation. The program's mandate is to support the growth of the ML ecosystem, and to develop product methodologies for ML.


Nanowear named Innovation Champion of the Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge

Nanowear received the award for its congestive heart failure (CHF) monitoring device called SimpleSense. It is a non-invasive undergarment solution worn by patients of a CHF-related hospitalization event which captures and transmits CHF data to a cloud-based environment, providing access and updates to medical professionals for assessment of patient health and progress. The award was presented Jan. 8 at the StartUp Health Festival during the 36th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco.


Nanowear awarded Grand Prize of the 2017 Philips Wearables Challenge

Launched in summer of 2017, the Philips Wearables Challenge called for novel solutions to predict early signs of patient deterioration and prevent hospital readmission. Forty teams from across the country submitted their cutting edge technologies and systems to facilitate early, appropriate interventions.

Nanowear wins 2017 Execution Award at the MedTech Conference

“Nanowear represents what is so great about the medical technology industry: a strong entrepreneurial spirit combined with next-generation innovation with the goal of improving patient care. With receipt of this award, Nanowear is one step closer to bringing their technology to patients and their physicians, and we are excited to have helped move this process forward.”

— Ashley Wittorf, executive director, AdvaMed Accel